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Fundamentals of Marketing

Fundamentals of Marketing I could spend hours on this subject, literally, but I shall not spend the time reiterating one of the greatest videos ever created and or published on youtube. In this video you will hear Seth tell us the greatest secrets from 2007 that apply more today than…

Welcome Ideal Moves

We would like to formally welcome Ideal Moves to the team. Ideal Moves is a consulting firm in Louisville who helps businesses who are relocating offices. They work with building managers, real estate professionals and office managers. As well as vendors such as commercial movers, technology professionals and furniture companies.…

Introducing – Sophisticated Income

Introducing Sophisticated Income When it comes to understanding Network Marketing, there are few better companies to work with than Sophisticated Income. The owner, Steve Jones, is a veteran of the the industry who has spent a decade training and introducing new businesses to more than 300 first time entrepreneurs across…